Things to do in Isla Mujeres.

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Golf carts are a very popular mode of transportation on Isla Mujeres and, on any given day, you’ll see caravans of carts tooling around the island.  Half-day and full-day cart rentals are available. During your island tour, stop by the Turtle Farm (La Tortugranja) to see baby sea turtles and other marine life. If you are lucky, you might be able to participate in a turtle release, where humans help newly-hatched sea turtles make their way to the sea. After your visit to the turtle farm, continue going toward the southern end of the island, where you will find a small Mayan temple and spectacular sea views. Continue your journey around the island and you will pass by the “seashell house”, an unconventional home that is built in the shape of a conch shell. Make your way back to the north end of the island, to North Beach, and finish your island tour by shopping and having some ice-cold cervezas (beers) at one of the quaint beach bars.


Isla Mujeres is small and narrow, so water is always nearby. For that reason, dining by the sea, or somewhere with a water view  is quite common. Finding fresh seafood is not difficult either. Go to any of the seaside restaurants in the downtown area and on North Beach and you’ll have some of the freshest, most delicious (and relatively inexpensive too!) seafood that you’ve ever tasted. In fact, many times, the fish is caught just moments before it’s served to you. The restaurants on the beach may not look like much, but don’t let that fool you. Some of the best food you can find, in Mexico, is often served at the most unassuming of venues. Minino’s, located just steps away from the Ultramar ferry dock, is one of those unassuming restaurants that serves delicious, fresh food at low prices.


Life on the island is very laid back and relaxed and you will not find much nightlife here. There are a number of bars open in the evening but people wanting late-night parties in big nightclubs will be majorly disappointed on Isla Mujeres. Sure, there are a couple of discos (clubs are still often referred to as “discos”, in Mexico) on the island but the nightlife pales in comparison to that of Cancun, which is only a short ferry ride away. When on Isla Mujeres, Jax Bar & Grill is one of the best spots for a fun-filled night out on the town. They have live music, gourmet food, great drink prices, and an ocean view…although, you’ll have to return for a meal, during daylight hours, to enjoy the ocean view.


Visitors to Isla Mujeres will find a wide variety of lodging options, at different price levels.  A number of bed & breakfasts, boutique hotels, luxury resorts, and condos can be found on the island, but Hotel Villa Rolandi Thalasso Spa, Gourmet & Beach Club is the best and brightest of them all.  This 35-suite, boutique hotel has been a fixture on Isla Mujeres for many years and is known for its fantastic food and outstanding service, and, most recently, for it’s full-service spa. The resort does not have stuffy dress codes, like some other nearby resorts of this caliber. Fitting with the island’s casual vibe, jeans and t-shirts are fully acceptable attire at Villa Rolandi. When making hotel reservations, you can choose between two different meal plans. This upscale resort only accepts guests ages 13 and older.


The downtown area (at the north end of the island, by the ferry docks) is the island’s main locale for shopping. You’ll find the typical souvenir & t-shirt shops in this area but, if you want to purchase unique mementos or gifts; like wood carvings, Talavery pottery, hand-painted rugs, or handicrafts and works of art created by local artists, you will find those too. There are also shops and boutiques that carry bathing suits, beach bags, silver jewelry, cigars, batik clothing & clothing from different parts of Mexico.

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