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Island Adventures Mexico, is a 100% family business located in the beautiful Isla Mujeres, Q. Roo. We have more than 15 years of experience in the service of tours, snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks and many more adventures.

We will take you to the most beautiful places in Isla Mujeres, you will swim in crystal clear waters, you will see a great variety of fish, you will taste an excellent food, and if you like fish; we are experts in it. Come and be impressed by the great adventures that our team and Isla Mujeres have for you and your family.

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Island Adventures Mexico

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Isla Contoy

Contoy Island Isla Contoy is an area declared a Natural Reserve and National Fauna Refuge since 1961. It is located north of Isla Mujeres and is an islet uninhabited by humans and is home to the largest number of birds. That is why it is also known as the Island of Birds. Its shape is

Whale Shark Encounter Rules

The Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) is one of the three species of Sharks that feed through a water filtration mechanism, along with the Basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) and the Boquiancho shark (Mega Mouth Shark), which holds a wide variety of plankton and nekton, including small crustaceans like krill, crab and algae, small fish like sardines,

Deep Sea Fishing Species in Isla Mujeres

Blue Marlin The largest Billfish that can be caught while fishing in Isla Mujeres from March through August with female species reaching weights exceeding 1200 lbs. their diet consists of; Mackerel, Tuna and Squid. The most popular bait of choice while trolling for these giants by our Captains are Bonito and Black fin Tuna. White