Lighthouse Reef (or El Farito Reef)

It’s a little reef located 5 minutes away on a boat from the island, which literally has a lighthouse in the surface, and really close to it you can find the statue of the “Saint of the lighthouse“.

farito reef

Manchones Reef


This is another reef 30 ft deep from the surface; the singularity of this place is that it shows the colorful marine life of Isla Mujeres and also it has a sculpture made of bronze named “The Bay Cross, in honor of men and women who died in the ocean.

manchones reef

The MUSA (Subactuatic Museum of Art)

It’s located just a few meters away from the Manchones Reef, and it’s considered the world’s longest artificial reef; it’s a permanent exhibition named “the silent evolution, it has 470 statues submerged and strategically placed so they can form an eye that can be seen from above the surface.

musa isla mujeres

Now that you know where to do snorkel in Isla Mujeres, what are you waiting to book your next trip to Isla Mujeres? You’ll love it!